S-J talks to Stephen A. Russell from SBS Sexuality about colonialism, non-binary trans identity, and Melbourne Festival: "I make a living out of describing complex and liminal emotional states as an artist and as a writer and even I really struggle to find a language to talk about where I stand in all of this...Even though we have 40 years of queer theory behind us, we continue to cycle back to the same points. Much of the current discourse around non-binary gender often fails to acknowledge the profound differences in the way gender is coded and constructed culturally. Whose binary, exactly? Often we’re assuming the centrality of whiteness, and that can make this discourse alienating for a lot of queer and trans People of Colour.” 


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 S.J Norman, in a statement regarding Marina Abramovic and her controversial memoir: "Whether or not Marina Abramovic is racist or not is not the conversation we should be having.  I would much rather talk about Marina Abramovic as a lightening rod for the systemic racism that pervades the entire discourse of western art and the markets that govern it, as yet another active vector of white imperialist cultural and political priorities."


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S-J Norman speaks to Daniel Browning. regarding Marina Abramovic and #theracistispresent, on Awaye! ABC Radio National. 

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