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This space is an open creative research journal. This is mostly for me, but you might find it interesting. If it feels like you are reading someone’s diary it’s because you are. I’m not editing things tightly because this is a process space: this is me thinking out loud, yarning up with myself, documenting my thoughts for later reference. Nonetheless, feedback and discussion is invited and encouraged. I’ll be posting from the beautiful Warehouse 2 at Arts House in Melbourne, where I’m currently undertaking a CultureLab residency, generously supported by Arts House and City of Melbourne. I’m here beginning the very first stages of research which will lay the ground for a new work or series of works. I work across diverse media and, in all honesty, I have no idea what shape or form this work might yet take. Right now I’m running my hands over the skin of a large beast whose shape I can’t yet see. What I do know is that I’m working to collate, interrogate and synthesise an existing body of experiential, critical and choreographic research which I have been undertaking for a very long time. My subject in this case is the Ecstatic. You can read exactly what I mean by that, as well as my treatment of these ideas, by viewing my research abstract. If you want to place any of the material that you see on this blog in context, you need to read it. A firm-but-fair note on the content: there will in all likelihood be frequent references and descriptions of illicit drug use, heavy BDSM play, as well as references to abuse/trauma, and neurodivergent states of being and consciousness including (but not limited to) mania, suicidality and gender dysphoria. If you are squeamish about those sorts of things then you've been warned. I’m talking about these things because in terms of my own biography, an some of them at least have been useful pathways and/or involuntary into the Ecstatic, and in some cases useful pathways for physical, psychological and spiritual healing.

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