Today's ecstatic tunes: this legendary mix

I already embedded a link to this one yesterday in my intro yarn about Ivan, but I'm re-posting here because it's a great mix from one of the most sublime techno DJ's on the planet. I'm listening to it today in the studio as I'm reading, thinking-through and responding to Ivan's materials. Ivan and Boris are conjoined in my head- maybe because they're friends, maybe because they are both fine examplae of Otter-kind, maybe because Boris is arguably among both mine and Ivan's absolute favourites and I think most of the times I've seen Boris play, Ivan has been with me. I struggle to find a mix of Boris's online that does any kind of justice to the magic of his phenomenal live sets, but it can't be done. I've had the pleasure of seeing him play maybe 5 or 6 times, and the love he puts into the room is real. The love you get from good, deep techno is not the same as the love you get from house or other genres of electronic music. It's not upbeat or elevating. It's chthonic business. It's not about having fun. It's about getting to a place where the ground splits open and swallows you. I get big Ancestral feelings when I gather with people to dance to shit with a lot of doom-laden drone loops and mulchy sub-bass groans and a steady 120 BPM - when people want to come at me about how techno is #whitepeoplemusic I really want to laugh in their faces, seriously. First of all, one word: Detroit. Second of all, my Old People danced and did ceremony to beats like this for millennia. And everywhere I dance, I dance with and for them.

I listen to this mix often. I listen to it in bed, I listen to it on trains, I absolutely especially listen to it at the gym- lifting to this kind of music gives be a beat to fall into that is sympathetic to the natural rhythm of the heart and breath, but it also gives my mind and my muscles plenty of space to stretch out. This one is a really slow burn, the beats don't really start to swell up through the darkness till about 45 minutes in.

This one from Slam Podcast is also a fucking banger.

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