A task and a question (#1: Ivan)

Question: Can achieving ecstasy be thought of as a limit experience (in the sense outlined above)?

Task For me, the key to moving into the ecstatic space is repetition. Repetition of movement, when I dance through to the end of a Berghain closing; repetition of breath, when I practice yoga with intent. And repetition of intense painful stimulation – BDSM, but also long tattooing sessions. The blows that fall on me over and over take me into this space – one painful blow would not take me there any more than one good track or one good asana. I suspect that ecstasy comes when a limit is broken, and that it is necessary to build towards that state. Anything less than what I have been used to will not take me there, will not change me. I need it to be more intense to take me to this higher plane. The task I set is for you to map the steps along the way to reaching an ecstatic state, identifying the stages experienced when moving towards the limit which will be pushed through to achieve the ecstatic state. How you get to this ecstatic state is up to you, although the writing I have provided shows how I have used BDSM in this way. Feel free to have other people help you reach this state.

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