'Unsettling Suite, finely curated by Performance Space, comprises installations and performances created over a number of years. They have evolved into a single creation of great power, at once subtle and necessarily confronting."

Keith Gallasch, Realtime.

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'Norman views the use of the 'body' as the unifying edict of her practice, and it is through her examination of that form that the lingering history of colonisation was approached in Unsettling Suite. “As a performance artist, the nexus of body and discourse is my terrain...We carry a phenomenal amount of information in our bodies, a lot of which is ancestral. We carry trauma and we carry secrets, we carry the imprints of other bodies, we carry the living and the dead'" -  S.J talks to Dave Drayton for, 2013

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"In making the works that comprise Unsettling Suite...I set out to explore the intergenerational echo of colonial violence as it is lived through though the body. I have found it to be true of my own experience as an Aboriginal person, as well as that of many people descended from ancestry which has been directly marked by colonial violence, disposession, slavery, genocide, etc- that the trauma experienced by our ancestors and older relatives is carried quite literally in our bones- it is an ineffable, complex, but very concrete physical sensation, this weight of history...Diving in and attempting some understanding of how that grief is lived on a daily basis- through the body- is part of a bigger personal and political process which I aim to engage through my work, and I invite audiences to join me in that. Non-Aboriginal people seem to have a hard time engaging with the truth of Australia’s history and their complex position as the beneficiaries of violence. When the rules and mythologies of the dominant culture are weighted in your favour, it’s very easy to retreat into collective denial...In the case of (Unsettling Suite), the audience are involved very directly...For me, I seek to centralise the audiences' body within the experience. This is a huge part of both my artistic and political praxis. I am totally disinterested in being a spectacle for the audience’s gaze- I am the facilitator and the co-agent of an experience which hopefully has many layers."   - S-J talks to Jessi Lewis for The Alternative Gig guide.

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